PRESS RELEASE: Korechi Announces the Pik’r™ - a High-Capacity Golf Ball Picking Robot

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Sougata Pahari
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September 08, 2022


Korechi Announces the Pik’r™ - a High-Capacity Golf Ball Picking Robot
The Pik’r™ Saves Labor and Fuel by Automating Golf Ball Picking on Busy Driving Ranges

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada – Korechi Innovations Inc., an innovator in the agricultural robotics space, in business since 2016, has announced their latest autonomous robot, the Pik’r™. Korechi brings the advanced capabilities of their RoamIO line of farming robots into the Pik’r™, which is the world’s first robot that automates all existing 3 and 5 gang golf ball pickers in the market without any modifications to them. It also has higher coverage (up to 7 acres/hr) and picking capacity (up to 4000 balls per round) than any golf or driving range robot in the market and it is intended for larger and busier driving ranges where 15,000 or more balls are hit a day. The Canadian designed and manufactured Pik’r™ can run autonomously for up to ten continuous hours on a single charge. It can also be controlled via a joystick or an easy-to-use APP on a rugged tablet computer and integrates with existing infrastructure. An integrated software package allows operators to view and control live navigation of a single Pik’r™ or multiple units over the internet. The control dashboard allows for detailed boundary, obstacle and heading definitions – without the need to bury perimeter wires. Operators can view and control battery parameters, speed, heading, live video stream, lights, picking zone and schedule. Designed and built based on the technology of the Korechi’s rugged farming equipment, the Pik’r™ has a minimal impact on soil, natural or artificial turf. The Pik’r™ has been put through two years of rigorous testing at golf facilities in Southern Ontario. The Pik’r™ increases operational safety, reduces the need for soil aeration and turf repairs due to its lower weight and soil compaction compared to the currently used golf carts or UTV. The Pik’r™ is the 21st century green and sustainable solution for the golf industry which reduces carbon footprint and dependency on seasonal labor. One superintendent said “Now our operator can perform this task safely from the sidelines and focus on providing a better service to our patrons while reducing menial labor”. The formal September 2022 launch of the Pik’r™ is being accompanied by the introduction of a website for the golf industry: Orders for the Pik’r™ are now being accepted for Spring 2023 delivery in  Canada and the USA. Golf facility operators, superintendents and directors of golf with questions about the Pik’r™ can inquire at or call +1-289-700-3997.