Pik’r™-Alpha Heavy Duty High Capacity Golf Range Picking Robot



The Pik’r™-Alpha is Korechi’s first commercial range picking robot. It automates ball picking at driving ranges using existing range pickers. The Pik’r™-Alpha is compatible with most 3 and 5 gang golf ball pickers in the market, and is the industry’s most rugged and high-capacity range picking robot.

It has been deployed at a wide variety of golf facilities in North America, ranging from very exclusive private clubs, to very busy ones where up to 45,000 golf balls are hit per day. It was also deployed to automate the practice range at the 2023 RBC Canadian Open in Toronto.

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Key Differentiator: Automates existing range picker models.
Body: Powder-coated welded steel tubing chassis + stainless steel & impact-resistant polymer cover.
Traction: 18” tubeless commercial grade turf tires.
Dimensions (LxWxH): 83” x 55” x 36” (2.1m x 1.4m x 0.9m) – robot only.
Weight: Up to 860 lb (390 kg).
Maximum Speed: up to 4.6 mph (7.5 kph).
Coverage: Up to 6.8 acres (2.75 hectares) per hour.
Capacity: Up to 2400 balls (3 gang) and 4000 balls (5 gang) per round.
Motors: 48v Brushless DC.
Collision Avoidance: Camera using artificial intelligence + physical and remote e-stop.
Battery: Up to 12 hours continuous run time; safe lithium chemistry with 5-year warranty.
Satellite Positioning: Multi-constellation multi-band GNSS RTK with dual antenna for accuracy.
Optional Accessories: Additional batteries, LED floodlights.

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