Pik'r | Golf Ball Picker Robot

Golf Range Picking Robot
Automate golf ball picking with our golf robot and save up to 90% on labor and energy inputs!

Monitor & supervise Pik’r™ from anywhere in the world

Pik’r™ - Heavy Duty Golf Range Picking Robots

The Pik’r™ series of advanced golf robots operate autonomously to retrieve thousands of golf balls at a driving range in a matter of hours. These rugged and powerful all-electric machines are designed to work at driving ranges that have a lot of traffic or a large area to cover, and they have industry-leading features, coverage and picking capacity.
The Pik’r robots seamlessly integrate into the range operations as they don’t require special equipment like buried wires or infrastructure changes to the facility to operate. Use the Pik’r™ Connect App to assign or schedule tasks, and monitor the robot from anywhere in the world.
They minimize the staffing needs of the facility. Workers, who are often scarce and expensive, can be redeployed to more important and fulfilling roles. Facilities have experienced improved operational safety (injury, heat, dust etc.) and employee retention as a direct result of deploying the Pik’r™. Facilities also see a reduction in maintenance and energy usage, less than $1 a day in electricity cost.
The Pik’r™ robots are designed and manufactured in Canada, and are trusted by some of the biggest names in the golf industry to automate their range picking. The Pik’r golf range picking robots are revolutionizing the golf industry by making ball picking fast, simple, and affordable.
Pik_r golf ball picking robot at drive range

Medium-capacity rugged golf range picking robot

Pik’r | Golf Ball Picker Robot | Autonomous Golf Driving Range Robots

High-capacity rugged golf range picking robot

Pik’r™ Benefits

Save Money & time

Reduces up to 90% labor and material input needed to perform repetitive, tedious tasks. Allows the operator to reallocate their valuable time to more productive tasks while reducing maintenance needs.

Safe & Productive Workplace

Equipped with advanced obstacle detection capabilities for full autonomy, reduces the time workers spend in hostile environments like driving ranges and extreme heat or cold.

Supervise Remotely

Operated using the provided tablet computer via a local Wi-Fi connection or remotely, using our cloud services through cellular connectivity anywhere in the world.

Seamless Integration

Works with the existing driving range infrastructure. No modification of existing machinery or facility required.

Seamless Communication

Equipped with AI, which enables you to use voice queries to request relevant information. Additionally, Pik’r also communicates relevant status & operational information through speech.

Convenient Mission Control

Use the in-app calendar to schedule tasks ahead of time with the peace of mind that Pik’r will start its missions punctually while accommodating to your busy schedule.

Friendly With Your Field and the Environment

Being a battery powered electric robotic platform, Pik’r reduces your emissions, with potential for carbon credit earnings. Very low soil compaction reduces the need for frequent soil aeration.

Pik’r™ Comparison


USD 32KStarting at
  • 2.5 acres / hour
  • 1,500 (with auto-dumping) / 1,200 (with baskets)
  • 10 - 12 hours
  • Medium: Up to 6 acres / Up to 30,000 balls/day
  • 550 lb (250 kg)


USD 54KStarting at
  • 6.7 acres/hour
  • 1,350 - 4,000 / (range picker model dependent)
  • 8 - 12 hours
  • Large: 5 - 15 acres / 20,000 - 80,000 balls/day
  • Up to 860 lb (390 kg)


How is the Pik’r™ different?
Designed to work in North American style, high volume driving ranges that require day long operation and high ball picking capacity.  Driving Ranges are not always pristine terrain so the Pik’r™ is built rugged, like a tractor. The very solid design ethos is based on our previous experience in building farming robots where durability is important.
How does the Pik’r™ know where to go?
The Pik’r™ navigates autonomously via GNSS and is programmed to follow multiple routes and patterns around the Driving Range. These routes are dynamic and can be changed or altered very quickly.
Can the Pik’r™ sense obstacles on the driving range?

The Pik’r™ has multiple obstacle detection features. There are 4 cameras, one on each side, and Lidar on the front of the robot.

How is the Pik’r™ installed?

Regional trained dealers or direct company representatives do the installation. Mapping of the range & obstacles is done with input from the facility staff about ball density patterns, areas of the range to be avoided or any other unique aspects of your property.

Does the Pik’r™ automatically empty the baskets or does somebody need to manually empty them?

The Pik’r™ can have optional ball dumping functionality. Our studies have shown that it takes less than 2 minutes to empty the baskets manually and takes about 1 minute to automatically empty the baskets (auto-dump) on select models.

How long does the Pik’r™ run before needing to charge?

Depending on the model and terrain, all models are designed to run a full work day before needing to recharge, 10-12 hours.

Does the Pik’r™ return itself for charging?

As the high capacity battery on the Pik’r™ has sufficient power to work an entire day, this feature is not required. The Pik’r Returns home and alerts range staff when battery is low.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

4-8 hours for a complete charge depending on the model and state of charge.

Can the Pik’r™ take a direct hit from a golf ball?

Yes, the Pik’r™ models are designed to withstand hits by golf balls.

Does the Pik’r™ work on artificial / synthetic turf or on carpet?


How do you control the Pik’r™?

The Pik’r™ can be monitored and commanded to run any path using the Pik’r™ Connect, our custom Mobile application that is already available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. A physical Radio Controller Joystick is provided to allow the operator to manually drive the Pik’r™ whenever needed.

Do you sell or rent the Pik’r™?

The Pik’r is available for outright purchase. We can also work with your leasing agent for a lease-to-own program.

Have any inquiries?

Get in contact with our team, and we’ll gladly assist you.

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